Accessing the Silk Road is easy:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser
  2. Open your new Tor browser
  3. Go to: http://silk4bahvqh36i4q62ov7hwi6si5xiavc5yid5depdrnzgccgow3ngid.onion

Silk Road 4 Marketplace Rules

General Market Rules

The Silk Road allows vendors to add listings and buyers to place orders. Vendors are free to add whatever listings they want, as long as they do not break the following rules.
It is forbidden to buy,sell,trade,list:
-Weapons and poisons,
-Anything related to terrorism (how to make a bomb, bomb components, ..),
-Illegal pornography, including child pornography and rape videos.

It is forbidden to take an order outside of the market. We will not be able to help a buyer who would get scammed/lose money because of this.
It is forbidden to threaten another user, to dox another user, or any other bad behaviour.
It is forbidden for a vendor to order from himself in order to boost his feedback. If you suspect a vendor to be doing that, you can open a ticket and report this behaviour to a staff.

Buyer accounts are deleted after 60 days of inactivity.
Orders are cleaned (wipe address, comments and chat records) 7 days after being finalized.
Orders are deleted after 24 hours if no payment detected.