Accessing the Silk Road is easy:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser
  2. Open your new Tor browser
  3. Go to: http://silk4lfaq47vh5mzs4p2vhmfuymqg76ylhayylo2isplyef72corepad.onion

Silk Road LINK

Silk Road link is a DarkNet Marketplace (DNM). As a tor marketplace, it allows vendors to sell (almost) whatever they want ; and buyers to buy while keeping their identity safe. Version 4 of Silk Road was launched by Silk Road link vendors after SR4's outage, and a lot of vendors migrated to this new marketplace.
How to buy on Silk Road link?

Choose a product you like -> scroll down -> select the Quantity, fill in your address and Additional info -> press "place order".
When you press "Place Order" the order is created and you will be given a Bitcoin address to send the BTC payment to.
The payment will take some time to process. The vendor will then ship the order to the buyer address.
Exit scam & large orders Silk Road link

We know this is not a question. But still rather important. Vendors, Silk Road LINK especially small / new vendors, can sometimes do what we call an "exit-scam". They run away with everyone's money. You are protected of this if your order is an Escrow order. However, for FE orders, there is always a risk. Remember that an expensive order, from a new vendor, if finalized early, might trigger vendor's exit-scam. To limit the risk we advise to never FE from a vendor that has poor reviews, or a vendor you never bought from already.

Silk Road link: