Accessing the Silk Road is easy:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser
  2. Open your new Tor browser
  3. Go to: http://silk4bahvqh36i4q62ov7hwi6si5xiavc5yid5depdrnzgccgow3ngid.onion

Silk Road 4 Users Safety


We are taking special measures to protect your privacy and prevent information leakage.

Our servers are not concerned with the recent PGP security flaw. However, if you used the same PGP key on both Silk Road and any encryption Mail software/module, you might be at risk.
Vendors should consider using an unique pgp key for each market they work with, and never use the same PGP keys on two different places.

For our users safety, we are archiving old orders and wiping sensitive information on a regular basis.
Orders Archiving:
Information provided on an order (even encrypted) are deleted when the order is being archived: the address field (encrypted), the note field, all timestamps, all messages, and the feedback can not further be edited. Orders are archived:
-When they have been finalized for 7 days,
-When order has been awaiting a refund for more than 1 month,
-Neither the vendor nor the buyer has been active for more than 1 month,
-If the order is older than 3 months, regardless of its status.

Accounts deletion:
Everything is deleted (messages, orders, wallets, tickets, AS data, ...) and you are completly forgotten for your security:
-If your account is inactive for 60 days (30 days for an account with no order),
-If you request your account deletion in a ticket.
Vendor accounts are never deleted, excepted if they are banned.