Accessing the Silk Road is easy:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser
  2. Open your new Tor browser
  3. Go to: http://silk4bahvqh36i4q62ov7hwi6si5xiavc5yid5depdrnzgccgow3ngid.onion

Silk Road onion marketplace Buyer F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions - For Buyers

Account Wallets
[My wallets]

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0.0000 BTC (~$0)
$ 148
0.0000 LTC (~$0)
$ 252
0.0000 XMR (~$0)
$ 609
0.0000 ETH (~$0)
Every account comes with these 4 integrated wallets that you can send and withdraw funds to at any time.
Funds that are on these wallets can be used to instantly place & pay for orders.
Some vendors may not accept all the currencies that are supported on the market, you can check this by viewing the vendors profile and listings.

Can I order without sending funds to the integrated wallets?

Yes, you can choose when ordering, to create a unique pay address for the order

When paying for a order with a unique pay address we strongly advise to send payment using a wallet such as Electrum
This will ensure that the payment is sent immediately and the exact amount entered is sent as well
Using a site or third party service to send a payment for a order can result in various of complications with the correct amount of funds required for your order to be processed (which will require another payment to be sent to process your order) or with a delay in the funds being sent.(which if the delay is greater than 4 hours, your order will be automatically deleted)

If you HAVE to use a site or third party service to send funds, it is highly recommended to send the funds to the integrated wallet on your account.
Once the funds are sent and confirmed on the network, the amount will be added to the wallets balance.
You will then be able to place a order and pay instantly using your wallet balance.

Transaction Types

When ordering it is important to know the transaction type of the listing
Escrow - All the funds you paid are safely held by the market until you receive your order and finalize or the auto-release timer runs down.
Half-FE - Half the funds you paid are released immediately to the vendor once the vendor has marked the order as shipped. The other half is held safely by the market, until you have received your order and finalize
FE -All the funds you paid are released immediately to the vendor once the vendor has marked the order as shipped

What are the markets policies when ordering?
The market policy for each order will depend solely on if the order is a FE, Half-FE, or Escrow order.
Escrow orders allow for a full refund to be possible from the market, if it is found that the vendor is scamming or attempting to scam. However, If you finalize/release a order or the auto-release timer reaches 0 and the vendor force releases the order, the market will not be able to provide a refund.
Half-FE orders allow for a half refund to be possible from the market, if it is found that the vendor is scamming or attempting to scam. However, If you finalize/release a order or the auto-release timer reaches 0 and the vendor force releases the order, the market will not be able to provide a refund
FE does not allow for any refund to be possible from the market, if the order has been marked as shipped
For orders where packages are lost from postal services or where seizures from customs/law enforcement occur, the vendors policy will be followed
Every vendor has their own specific policies when you order from them, see the vendors profile and understand them before placing an order.
It is also important to note, that even if a order can not be refunded, the vendor is still responsible and required to provide support and a resolution to all orders so do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

I am having issues with a order that I placed, how do I get assistance from staff?

Navigate to the page of the order and you will see this:

Proceed by choosing one of these actions to get assistance from staff.

Is it okay to have my order shipped to my actual address?
This risk when ordering should be clear, so this is ultimately up to you. However, we do recommend (especially if doing a large order) to have the order shipped to a drop

What is a “drop” and how do I go about getting one?
Drop address is a location alternative to your actual home address, where you can have the order shipped to and have access to be able to pick up the package once its delivered.
Getting a drop address, can be simple or difficult depending on how strong of a drop you want.
A simple not strong drop address could be, your neighbors house, your work office, a hotel, etc.
A difficult (also expensive and will require many resources) but strong drop address would be a location that you have obtained by false identification, and have a type monitoring to receive your package securely.

Can I become a Buyer Pro?
All registered buyers can choose to upgrade to Buyer Pro for $50 (Settings>Upgrades).
What are the "perks" to upgrading?
-Double Feedback Power on all your orders
-Buyer Pro tag next to your name
-Double Karma Points earned

How do I earn Karma points?

Karma points are given to buyers for every successful order.
Once the buyer releases/finalizes a order, Karma points are credited automatically to the buyers account.
Buyers can then send any amount of Karma points that they have earned to any vendor that you feel deserve them.
Karma points can be spent by vendors towards beneficial features to help increase their sales.

Are tracking numbers given for orders?

We strongly advise vendors to not give tracking numbers, as it could compromise the vendor in the case that LE was behind a order.
If a issue was to arise with a order where the tracking number was necessary, it can be and should only be provided to a staff member in a encrypted message.

I want to order from a ✿ New Vendor but fear that it could be a scam and I will lose my money
Follow these rules and you will not lose your money if in fact it does turn out to be a scam
- Never release/finalize a order unless you have received the order
- Never do a transacton off the market, even if the vendor is requesting it
- Report a vendor who attempts to do any of these things

Is it okay to contact a user via a messenger app such as Wikr?
Absolutely not.
Any vendor (or user) who gives out such contact information is either a scammer or law enforcement.

What should I look for that shows a vendor is legit?
Overall Authenticity
- Listing pictures that have a proof stock picture (product, vendors name, market name, and current date)
- Realistic prices and amounts
- Positive feedback from buyers over a period of time

2FA & PGP Information

[+] PGP & 2FA
Having a PGP key added to your account and enabling 2FA is strongly recommended for all buyers.
It is the ultimate security if you want to protect your funds and privacy, in the case if your account password was compromised.
If your needing help with setting up your own PGP: visit this site.


Order will auto release in 10 days.

The auto-release timer only applies for escrow and half-fe orders and can be found on each order page.
Once a order is marked as shipped, the auto-release timer begins counting for 14 days.
If after 10 days you have not received your order, it is advised to reset the auto-release timer to secure your funds
If you do not reset the auto-release timer, and the timer reaches 0, the vendor will be able to force-release the order and the order wil be considered as received

Scamming Vendors

We do not tolerate buyers who attempt to scam vendors, and we monitor for this just as we do with vendors scamming buyers.
If found that you are attempting to scam a vendor, your account will be banned.