Accessing the Silk Road is easy:

  1. Download and install the Tor browser
  2. Open your new Tor browser
  3. Go to: http://silk4bahvqh36i4q62ov7hwi6si5xiavc5yid5depdrnzgccgow3ngid.onion

Silk Road onion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Silk Road 4?
The Silk Road is a DarkNet Marketplace (DNM) that is accessed through TOR (The Onion Router) network, empowering users with ability to buy and sell anonymously and safely.
We utilize multiple crypto-curriences to enable secure, fast and safe transactions.

What is Silk Road’s onion (url)?
Always double check the url to make sure you are not on a phishing site.
You can use the URL link on our forums for reference or quickly ensuring you're always at the correct address.

What curriences are supported?
Bitcoin (BTC)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)
Ethereum (ETH)

Are my funds on the market safe?
Funds that are added to any of the integrated wallets on your account are protected by an alternate password than your account log-in password, or PIN.
Funds that are sent directly to a unique pay address for an order, are protected by several layers of security and encryption.
However if your account is compromized, your funds will be too.
To ensure your account does not get compromized, read under the Account Security part below.

Account Security

We recommend that your password be at least 8 characters long, being a mix of multiple numbers, special characters and letters..

If you want to add another layer of security on your funds, you can also set your Pincode to be as long and difficult as a normal password.

The ultimate security is having 2FA enabled on your account. You can find a guide to enabling 2FA on your account here.

Single-word or commonly used phrases make very weak passwords, we suggest you use a password specific to this site and not the same password you would use for your email account.

Is there a 2FA log-in security feature?
Yes! In fact, we force all vendors to have 2FA enabled and strongly recommend all buyers enable 2FA on their accounts too.
Click below to be taken directly to the PGP & 2FA panel under Settings (have your public key ready):
[+] PGP & 2FA
Follow this guide if you're having trouble.

Is my privacy and sensitive information safe?
Yes. Sensitive information such as your address is put into the "Shipping Information" box when ordering and our system automatically uses the public PGP key of the vendor you're ordering from to encrypt that data and protect yor privacy.
If you do not trust the auto-encryption then you are welcome to encrypt sensitive information yourself using the vendors' public PGP key and post the encrypted message in the "Comments" box at the point of ordering.*

All account passwords and recovery keys are stored under the highest encryption available.

*Putting an aleady encrypted message into the "Shipping Information" box will simply encrypt your already encrypted address again using the vendors public key.

How do I change my password?

You are required to enter the recovery key that was given to you upon registering your account. If you do not have your recovery key, you will not be able to change your password.
You must be logged out of your account and navigate to the Recover panel, and follow the instructions on that page.

It is suggested that you make a copy of the recovery key in a text file, to be placed onto encrypted storage device.

If you have 2FA enabled then it doesn't matter what your password is because nobody is getting into it without having access to your PGP key. Only the person with the private key can access a 2FA-enabled account.

How do I change my pincode?

To update your pincode, navigate to your Settings > Pincode

If you are having trouble you can find instructions here.

Why is my wallet balance not showing the correct balance?
Clicking on the button located on the blue [MyWallets] bar will show your current balances.

If you are having problems with a deposit or withdrawl please contact a staff member or post on our forums and we will help as soon as possible.

What is the autoshop?

The autoshop is a dedicated section for digital products.
There are 3 main sections of the autoshop:
CREDIT CARDS - Buy or sell cc information. Also has an integrated cc checker that auto-refunds for dead cc.
ACCOUNTS - Buy or sell a wide range of online account log-in information. Use our easy integrated dispute system for invalid accounts.
E-BOOKS - Buy or sell any informational guides, ebooks, etc. that fit within the rules.

Account Suspensions and Bans

This user is currently suspended :

Suspensions can be caused by the following:
- Not responding to support tickets, on orders with issues, or to staff
- Suspected scamming
- Asking buyer to FE on an escrow order
- Selective scamming
- Large volume of negative feedbacks (you should never be below 95% rating score)
And anything else that staff may deem as necessary for a suspension to be placed.
Suspensions can be appealed through a support ticket.

This user is permanently banned :

Bans are permanent and they can not be appealed.
Permanent bans aquired if you violate any of the market rules, or continue to violate even after being suspended.

Bug Bounty

See something, say something!

We are happy to pay a handsome bounty to users that find any type of bug, exploit, leak or other vulnerability that could negatively impact the market or its users. We take our security and the safety of our users extremely seriously.
Payments will be made upon verification of the report and amounts will be reflect on the severity of what is found.